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Following the success of the first edition of the IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia, IE Business School is pleased to announce the second edition of its Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia. The competition will be subject to the following conditions:

1. The overriding objective of the prize is to recognize the best journalistic work published or disseminated by social communication media (printed press, magazines, blogs, webs, radio and television) in Asia, aimed at disseminating economic culture among society. In this second edition of the prize, based on work published from September 2013 to May 2014, in addition to articles on the economic role of Asia or any specific Asian country, there will be a special focus on articles that highlight the most developed aspects or segments of Latin American economy (creative economy, tourism, fashion, technology, finance, food, etc.).

2. The second edition of the IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia comprises these categories,

  1. First Prize for the Best Journalistic Work (general daily press, magazine, internet, television and radio) comprising $3,500 and a sculpture.
  2. Prize for the Best Journalistic Work on Latin America's Economy (general daily press, daily business press, magazine, internet, television and radio) comprising $2,500 and a sculpture.
  3. Prize for the best regional economic media comprising a sculpture.
    Prizes will only be awarded if the journalist or media is present at the presentation ceremony, which will be held approximately between the fourth term of 2014, and will be announced at least two months in advance.

2.1. Additionally, sponsors of the prize may also award a special mention or prize for journalistic work in economic journalism stipulated by the sponsor in question. Each sponsor may award a maximum of one such prize.

3. The second edition of the IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia will accept entries from journalists and information professionals from the following countries: Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia, Taiwan, ASEAN members (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand , Brunei, Vietnam , Laos, Burma, Cambodia), India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

4. Only articles published in English or the official language of each country complete with a translation into English will be accepted. All entries must have been published between September 2014 and June 2014 , both inclusive. Any journalist can present a maximum of 2 pieces of work.

5. Entries may be presented as follows:

  1. In digital format sent to or
  2. In original printed version or digital format (audio or video) sent to the IE BUSINESS SCHOOL office for the Second edition of the IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism, located at Calle Pinar 7 Bajo, 28006 Madrid, Spain.
    The deadline for receipt of entries is midnight (local Madrid time) of July 11, 2014. Entries will not be accepted after this deadline unless they have been sent by post and the date of sending can be proved to be within the deadline.
    No material will be returned to entrants, nor will there be kind of correspondence with authors.

6. Candidates guarantee that they have author's copyright and have obtained permits or publication and dissemination rights from any other parties involved, in accordance with the conditions of this competition.

7. IE Business School and collaborating firms /sponsors of the second edition of the IE Business School Prize for Economic Journalism in Asia reserve the right to publish, reproduce, distribute and use the winning journalistic work and the name of its author, quoting the media in which it was published, in any format or using any media, in the assumption that the candidate has obtained the pertinent permits.

8. The prizes, together with special mentions and special prizes, will be selected based on the vote of a panel, whose decision cannot be appealed. The panel will comprise persons of recognized prestige in the world of business, public administration, academia and journalism, coupled with representatives of each of the collaborating firms/sponsors.

9. The panel's decision will be announced in an event that will take place in the fourth quarter of 2014, approximately.

10. The prize may not be divided or declared void.

11. Personal data obtained as a result of participation in the Prize will be entered into a database used by IE Business School for the exclusive purpose of organizing the competition, in accordance with article 5 of Spain's Organic Law 15/1998 for the protection of personal data, of December 13. By entering the competition, participants authorize the use of necessary data of the authors of winning entries, including supplying them to communication media and publishing them on the IE Business School website. In accordance with article 5 of Spain's Organic Law on the protection of personal data, participants are hereby informed that they may contest the use of their personal data for purposes other than organizing this competitions and may exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel, contest and revoke the data in accordance with the terms set out in current Spanish legislation, by contacting IE's database department or by sending a mail to

12. Participation in this competition presupposes the participant's full acceptance of the above stated conditions.

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